'This makes me happy!'

What does beauty mean to you? Consider this question in silence and find your own answer. To help you get an even better grip on the rather abstract concept of ‘beauty’, we have designed a series of intriguing questions specially for you. And even more beautiful: answering the questions is in itself an experience of beauty. It works like this: already thinking about beauty makes you more aware and makes you enjoy all the beautiful things around you more intensely. This is great for your mood. It will give your day a silver lining.

Discover your beauty
Are you curious to find out what beauty means to you? Take a moment and stop to find out what is really important to you. Over 10.000 enthusiastic explorers in 7 countries preceded you and have participated in Project Beauty.

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'Seeking Beauty' gifts
Shop intrigueing books and e-books, based on the outcomes of Project Beauty in your country. Find out how the inhabitants of the United States, the UK, Ireland, Germany or any other country where Project Beauty is active think and feel about beauty. All 'Seeking Beauty' books contain a wealth of weblinks to online content, based on the country specific outcomes.

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10.000 views on Beauty

Since the start of Project Beauty in 2008 over 10.000 people participated and shared their view on this wonderful but also sometimes complicated phenomenon called 'beauty'. The social enterprise was started in the Netherlands by a Dutch communication researcher. After his side career in bodyfashion came to an unexpected ending, he took a time-out and created a survey that has been described as 'intrigueing' or even 'mindblowing'. The findings from Project Beauty are summarized in the 'Seeking Beauty' books and in regularly appearing blog texts.

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This is our provisional website. The original multi-country website of Project Beauty has recently been hacked. We are currently super busy rebuilding it.

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